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Talent Strategy

Talent development strategy the company strategy is the foundation of the overall strategy is talent, to absorb culture, encouraging innovation, properly utilized, can make the best use, the establishment of higher or lower, to enter and exit, self employment mechanism; post optimal allocation rational use of resources, scientific and standardized management, to a large number of high-quality personnel.

1, Career:
External lead only - according to human resources planning, based on job descriptions, select the applicable recruitment and selection tools, and community college graduates from elite companies selected to join the outstanding elements Internal selection before - through job rotation, competition, lifting, etc., to establish effective internal talent flow mechanism.

2.Second, know it:
Through talent assessment, performance evaluation mechanism such as human resource management, to find out, be capable, on the under, who make peace.

3, with only:
(A) of the 80:20 principle, according to 20% of the staff to create enterprise value of 80% of the theoretical, focus control 20% of the core backbone of good employees.
(B) the principle of authority, in order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, train staff dedication, the decentralization of certain employees to staff to show initiative and take part in company management.
(C) of the team principle, give full play to the role of the team, training staff on the company's identity and sense of belonging.

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